From Twitter 05-19-2010

  • 09:34:28: Shared: Google I/O 2010: What You Need to Know Today, Tomorrow, And Beyond
  • 11:02:52: Google I/O is about to start... Event t-shirt has Q codes showing plush Android traveling from campus to IO #io2010
  • 13:43:19: I watch all my TV online, recently switch from Hulu to Boxee but now I may switch to as it aggregate even more content...
  • 13:50:23: @CrackleDotCom I tried to sign up for your beta *shakes fist* (just teasing) I certainly will. Been looking forward to trying it out.
  • 13:51:59: Quick tweet correction may not have more content than boxee but they have project runway which will make me a hero to my wife.
  • 13:58:27: @CrackleDotCom After losing cable in my hotel last night the more choices the better. Can't believe you have the full Godzilla Collection
  • 15:43:42: RT @ccDallas: Ignite Dallas Back For Round 2 at Granada Theater
  • 15:44:45: RT @footenotes: 0.facebook AKA "Facebook Zero" RT @eMarketer: Facebook’s Mobile Growth Play
  • 18:15:01: Shared: Atmel’s advanced touch panels are growing up to tablet size – and you’ll be touching one soon
  • 18:15:02: Shared: Google I/O: The Web Is Killing Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, And TV

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