Facebook Phishing Scam Update

In addition to fbstarter(dot)com watch out for fbaction(dot)com both are phishing attacks.

There are a couple things to watch for:

1) Strange nondescript messages, ask yourself could this apply to everyone?

2) Do you often communicate with this person? In this case, I don't believe I've ever sent a facebook message to this person.

3) Are you familar with the link? I've certainly never heard of this website.

If anything sets your spider sense a tingling contact the sender. No need to make accusations, if it is a scam they probably don't know about it. Simply ask if they sent the message, if so great. If not you've saved your self a lot of hassle & pain.

New Facebook Phishing Scam Fbstarter.com

Just recieved facebook message from friend "look at this" with link to fbstarter.com (Do not click) Granted I have not followed the link myself but it smells phishy.

Always becareful, if you get a generic message with link like this from a trusted source. It is always better to ask if it came from them.
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