UAW Strike Over

The union & GM reached tentative agreement this morning. While no specifics were released, the deal transfered UAW retiree health costs to the union in the form of a healthcare trust fund.

Union Members must still ratify the plan.
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UAW Strike

As soon as I finished my last blog entry UAW workers walked off the job.

I'll update my reader list with relevant stories as things develop.
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UAW Strike

It's been nine days since GM & UAW contract expired. The union strike deadline just past. Let's see what happens next.
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Finding yourself

How many social networks do you belong to? Is it possible you don't know? Here's a couple fun ways to "find yourself" or a friend online.

  • This is possibly one of the single most effective social network search engines I've ever used.
  • Not a search engine, instead you do all the heavy lifting for big brother.
  • It allows people to post know usernames, rss feeds, blogs & profiles of people online. Just in case you haven't published enough of your own personal information online now your friends can too.
3) Google Image Hack
  • August last year, Google purchased Neven Vision a company specializing in face recognition. In any case, this feature is now available just not officially released. Simply type your name into Google's image search & add "&imgtype=face" to your search URL.
  • Then hit enter.
  • You'll find your search results now only include faces. Pretty neat.

Have fun finding yourself online.
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