Vtap is here for BB

Like many of my fellow crackberry addicts, I've been awaiting vTap's mobile media browser for the Blackberry. VTap allows you to easily search major video sights such as youtube, meta-cafe and so on. I've tested it on my some what dated Dell Axim Pocket PC and have been impressed by the results. It's the iphone's youtube feature for the rest of us. In any case, it is now available for blackberry users lucky enough to have OS version 4.3.

There are handful of leaked versions of 4.3 floating in the ether but it is not yet stable for use "older" BB users. Expect a version for the pearl 8100 out on official release soon. For the meantime, you can check download and use but not view clips (defeats the point) on you blackberry. If your a lucky owner of the new pearl or curve with OS v4.3 you should be able to stream video.

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