Southwest's Sixth Grade Lunch Line

I never flew Southwest Airlines until today. It doesn't make too much sense. I fly a lot. In the past couple years I've managed to average somewhere between 10 to 15 flights a year. In any case, I'm waiting at the gate passing time by watching the infamous Southwest cattle call boarding system. Now that I've experienced it for myself I have a couple observations:

At times boarding lines will split between seating rows. Either there simply isn't enough space for everyone or some splits the line intentially in hopes of securing a better seat. This is when the tension mounts. As a southwest passenger you position in the boarding line dictates everything about your flying experience. If you end up too far back you'll find your self wedged in second worst seat in the plane the middle seat. What's the worst seat? The coffin-like lavatories.

Here is why a line split is dangerous and more often than not entertaining.
Let's say, you may waited

An extra 30 minutes longer on your feet making decidedly a the head of the line. When a family of six splits the line at a break created by the gate seating. As soon as a new (and shorter) line splits off of your line the authanticity and position is called into question. What follows makes any layover an entertaining experience.

In order to reclaim and their rightful position in line passengers (read: total strangers) will posture through a variety of bodylanguage. You've seen it before. Remember, the sixth grade lunch line.

In the sixth grade, cutting in line "matured" from a basic series of lyrical name calling to a social cast based system of winks and nods. Only the privilaged were able to "ditch" line. It appears twenty to thirty years later most of us are unwilling to give up the "ditch" perk. Despite all the not-so-happy bodylanguage the whole process is very efficent.

The truth of the matter is despite whatever the boarding process reveals about human nature it sure helps pass the time. It's going to be a fun trip.

Note: I made it to the boarding ramp. (See picture)
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Iphone Bill

No I don't own the "Jesus" phone; however, blogger Justine Ezarik does and just received her first bill for $275 for somewhere between 30000 to 35000 text messages. That's not the shocker. Her bill came in a box and was 300 pages long. She strongly advocates ebilling.

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Mobile Blogging

I started this blog a way to share the news stories I find important with my friends, Family, and coworkers. The trouble with most blogs I've started and abandoned in the past is the lack of engaging content. Frankly, although my life can be exciting at times its not the engaging drama needed to draw a strong audience. I think I've found a loop hole of sorts. I'm not interested in driving obscene amounts of traffic to this little blog. In stead my goal is to share knowledge and ideas amoungst friends. So if you're reading this the is a good chance your reading it through a RSS widget on some social networking site. My plan is to share what I consider news worth stories (see shared stories on blog). These stories are the products of the various blogs and online magazines I read (which are all catagorized and available in a pull out widget on the blog). I hope you enjoy.

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